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Some boiler problems can be solved without the need for a qualified and skilled plumber and heating engineer, if you are in any doubt call Bunce Plumbing and Heating for a fast and efficient service on your boiler whether it is gas, oil or LPG fired. Below are some of the more common boiler problems homeowners sometimes face

Most boiler breakdowns occur during the winter months when, after a long period of inactivity, your boiler is on more frequently to power the central heating and provide hot water to your home. A considerable inconvenience and sometimes costly problem to have a boiler breakdown.

Thermostat issues

Before calling out a heating engineer to look at fixing a potentially broken thermostat make sure that the unit is properly set up with the date and time settings, also check the thermostat schedule and that it is in the on position.

If after checking the thermostat settings you still think it may be broken call us to diagnose a malfunctioning thermostat and if required replace it.

No heat or hot water

Check your boiler pressure or thermostat to see if these are the cause of no hot water or heating. The problem may be related to airlocks in the heating system, a broken diaphragm or valve failure. Bunce Plumbing & Heating Services will be able to diagnose the issue and repair a faulty component that is stopping a boiler from providing heat or hot water.

Boiler pilot light goes out

A non-existent pilot light could signify that there is a draught around the boiler, a broken thermocouple or a grime build-up around the pilot light preventing it from lighting. There may even be a gas supply issue to the boiler. In any circumstance you should never try to fix this problem yourself and should always call a qualified boiler service engineer.

Boiler losing pressure

If you find that your central heating system isn’t functioning as it should it may be that your boiler is losing pressure. Most boilers have a pressure gauge to show the current pressure, if this is too low it may mean the system needs re-pressurising or that a valve needs replacing.

Condensate pipe frozen

Condensing boilers which have a white plastic pipe, about 2cm in diameter underneath the boiler which looks like it exits outside into a drain sometimes face the problem of this pipe freezing. Most boilers will have a sensor to detect a frozen condensate pipe and if your boiler is showing a notification that this has happened you should call Bunce Plumbing to help fix the frozen pipe and recommend ways to prevent it from freezing in the future.

Boiler leaking water

Over time components inside a boiler can wear out causing water to leak from the boiler. This may be related to a broken seal, valve or a corroded component but you should never try to replace an internal component on a boiler yourself and should always call out a qualified heating and boiler engineer to correctly diagnose the issue.

Radiators not getting hot

If you touch your radiators and they appear to be warmer at the bottom of the radiator than the top this could be a sign that the system either needs bleeding (let out air) or rebalancing. The other problem this may signify is a build-up of sludge in the radiators. Powerflushing a system can normally solve this problem either by adding a chemical into the system or by forcing water with a cleaning additive around a system.

Boiler making strange noises

A noisy boiler can signify that something is not working as it should. Air in the central heating system is a common cause for knocking noises. Kettling, where the boiler sounds like a kettle is another common noise heard from boilers. It is where lime scale and deposits on the heat exchanger within the boiler cause the water to boil like a kettle.

Boiler switches itself off

If you find that your boiler keeps switching itself off it could be any number of problems and we advise calling a Gas Safe engineer to diagnose and fix the problem, whether it be low pressure, a faulty thermostat or broken pump.

Troubleshooting boiler problems

  • There are a few things you can do before calling out a boiler engineer to fix boiler problems
  • If it’s cold outside check that the condensate pipe hasn’t frozen
  • Check other gas appliances in the house to make sure they are working
  • Consult your boiler manual if your boiler has a error message displayed
  • Reset your boiler, consult your boiler manufacturers manual to learn how to do this
  • Check gas, oil, water and electricity to the boiler are switched on and the thermostat has power
  • Ensure your thermostat time is correctly set for the time of year and after power cuts

Emergency boiler repairs

If you have tried our troubleshooting tips call Bunce Plumbing and Heating Services for our emergency boiler repairs and boiler servicing.

Emergency Services

We provide same-day service on boiler and heating breakdowns. Bunce Plumbing and Heating will fix all your emergency plumbing problems in a swift, reliable and safe manner.

Boiler Servicing

Bunce Plumbing & Heating service all makes and models of boilers, whether gas , LPG or oil. We carry out landlord certifications and yearly boiler servicing.

Boiler Repairs

We love the challenge of fixing your boiler. Our experience, technical ability and ‘can-do’ attitude means our customers always get a reliable and consistent service to resolve their boiler fault.

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