Worcester Boiler Installation & Servicing in Studham

Worcester Boiler Installation & Servicing in Studham

Bunce Plumbing and heating are fully accredited Worcester Boiler installers.
Our team are happy to offer Worcester boiler installations and service in Studham, Bedfordshire. If you need some advice, are looking for a new boiler, or need a boiler service, please call us on 01296 681204.

Annual boiler servicing in Studham

Our approved Gas Safe® registered engineers will service your boiler on an annual basis as well as advising on using your heating to maximum efficiency. A full boiler inspection is perfomed and where required parts are serviced and cleaned including chimney, burner, injectors and heat exchanger, boiler control electronics and ignition systems. The boiler is tested to ensure it is operating within manufacturers tolerances and inline with their instructions. We also inspect and assess your heating controls and advise on how you may increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Ball valve replacement

If you have water coming out from the overflow pipe on your cold water tank you may have a defective ball valve not shutting off the water correctly and it may need a replacement.

Radiator replacement in Bedfordshire

Plumbing work involving pipes requires a qualified plumber to carry out the work. Changing radiators is a big job and required draining and removing the old radiators, then hanging the new radiator and filling the system again.